About Us

The Triple W Gas Co-Op was incorporated in November 1971 in response to the growing demand for natural gas services in the County of Warner and Lethbridge County. Spearheaded by a few pioneers around kitchen tables across Alberta, these men and women canvassed their neighbours and eventually successfully lobbied the provincial government for funding to develop the necessary infrastructure to heat rural homes and farms. The co-operative model ensured community benefit and pride of ownership in this valuable rural utility.
Value of Triple W Coop
To be recognized as an innovative leader in the natural gas industry by providing valuable service through our knowledgeable Staff and Board of Directors. 
To safely supply clean, reliable, natural gas to our rural members through our qualified staff and proactively maintained infrastructure. 
Our success begins and ends with the communities we serve. 
The Triple W Natural Gas Co-Op is committed to delivering exceptional service to our members in our franchise area. 
We are proud to be one of the Top 3 Gas Co-Ops in the province. Through our committed Board and highly skilled staff we are confident that we will be able to secure and deliver a safe and reliable supply of natural gas now and into the future.